Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bali vacation 2009

It is really true that not until you witness and experience Bali yourself, then you realize that Bali really is the "Land of Gods" (Pulau Dewata).

This one week holiday in Indonesia we spent it in Bali with my wife's family. My wife, my sister and andreas went to Bali first last wednesday. I join them on Friday due to work. On Saturday we went directly to Sukawati Market, where we can find a lot of things made in Bali, such as T-shirt, paintings, arts products etc. all them are really unique with Balinese touch in every items. After that we went to Kuta beach..and Oh my God, not only the view but the experience is truly amazing..I have travel the world, but nothing is like this..too bad, we cannot explore the whole kuta beach..

The next day we went to GWK (garuda wishnu kencana) , again this place really wow-ed me..the GWK would be the largest statue in the world later on when it finish. And then we went to dreamland beach..the view was also amazing from here..

The next day we went for watersport in benoa cape (tanjung benoa). We tried the parasailing and bananaboat,which is quite expensive. I actually wanna try more like the flying fish, snorkeling an diving. In the afternoon we went to tanah lot for sunset, but the weather was not so good, so we cancelled.

There are a lot more that we have not seen in bali, and I believe there will be more trip to bali. Maybe next year for our honeymoon...;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine & 2nd year anniversary

Our anniversary was actually on the 16th of February, however since it is really close to valentine day, we celebrate both today. It is not about the dinner or the celebration, but its about being together as a family, and having the love and blessed from God. We wanna thanks God for all the Love and blessings for this family. I hope all of you also have a blessed valentine day with your loved one...;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter holidays

Every semester my department normally held an event called MT (Membership training), that's where all the lab member gather and go to a certain place for a holiday. I'm not sure why the called it MT, but there is no training at all, it's just simply a vacation. We have MT twice a year, summer holiday and winter holiday. For this winter holiday, as of last year, we went to a ski resort (Muju Resort). It takes about two hours from Daegu by bus. Last year I joined this winter MT also and I played snowboard, but this year I planed to go around the resort and enjoy our time together as a family and of course take a lot of pictures. However it was not so cold this year, not as cold as last year. Therfore the snow was not as much as last year, but still we got to see the beautiful scenery of Muju Resort. (Complete photo album click here)

Complete photo album click here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just another weekend

As usual we spent our weekend mostly at home, since it' still very cold outside. However these last few weeks, the temperature is not as cold. At noon, it can reach about 7 or even 10, which is consider high since it is still February. Therefore last Saturday, we went to the University gate to have dinner and to take pictures...^^...also just yesterday night, we went to Emart to buy some snacks and food for our trip tomorrow. Oh ya, tomorrow we are going to Muju Resort, for winter MT (Membership training), which is a Korean's way of saying holiday trip together..hehehehe..can't wait for tomorrow's trip, but we need to prepare everything tonight, since we are leaving early in the morning at about 5am....